OntoTerminology Base
The OTB contains open access ontoterminologies (CC-BY-NC-SA).
Ontoterminologies can be downloaded in JSON, RDF (OWL), and dynamic HTML format from the web site:
Several REST API are available for a direct access. All  services return JSON data.
– service: getOntoterminologies param: none -> return the list of ontoterminologies
– service: getOntoterminology param: oturi -> returns all data (concepts, terms, …) of the ontoterminology
– service: getConcepts param: oturi -> returns the list of all concepts in an ontoterminology
– service: getConcept param: oturi, cpturi -> returns one concept by URI
– service: getTerms param: oturi, lang -> returns the list of all terms in an ontoterminology for language lang
– etc.
API specification available on the web site: http://get.ontoterminology.com

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