Tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks
[1] Ordering the axes of analysis for the « Fast » Window
Maria P.: The Fast window is a very useful means to define/look for a concept. Is there any way to arrange the axes of analysis and consider them in a given order?
Tedi: There are 2 ways. The first one, the most important, since it relies on the knowledge of the domain, is to express dependencies between differences when such dependencies exist. Let us take the example of Greek vases. The « Function » axis of analysis requires the /vessel/ difference of the « Category » axis of analysis. Use the Axis of Analysis Editor to express this dependency. So the differences of the « Function » axis of analysis will be displayed after those of the « Category » axis of Analysis only if the /vessel/ difference is selected (fig. below).
The second one is used when there is no dependency between the axes of analysis. Since the Fast window displays the axes of analysis in the alphabetical order, just number them (fig. below).

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